The Different Types of Chains

The Different Types of Chains - Mantarraya NYC

When it comes to jewelry, the chain is a fundamental element that can significantly impact the overall design and style of a piece. Chains serve as both functional and decorative components in jewelry. Beyond connecting various elements, they contribute to the overall aesthetics of a piece. From delicate necklaces to statement bracelets, the type of chain selected can convey a specific style, from timeless elegance to contemporary chic. In this article, we delve into the diverse world of chains, exploring some of their most unique designs, and how they can elevate your style.

Box Chain: Sleek and Contemporary

The box chain is composed of square links that interlock to create a smooth and sleek appearance. This geometric design adds a contemporary edge to jewelry, making it a favored choice for modern styles. The box chain's smooth surface allows it to reflect light beautifully, enhancing its visual appeal. Mantarraya NYC's box chain creations showcase this sleek and polished aesthetic, capturing the essence of contemporary sophistication.

Curb Chain: Urban Chic

The curb chain boasts a design of uniform, interlocking links that lie flat and creates a chain with an edgy and contemporary appeal. This chain's bold simplicity makes it a popular choice for those seeking urban chic and statement jewelry. The curb chain's links can vary in size, allowing for customization and versatility in design. Mantarraya NYC's curb chain pieces exemplify this modern boldness, perfectly encapsulating an urban flair within the brand's dedication to elegance.

Link Chain: Classic and Timeless

The link chain, also known as the cable chain, is one of the most classic and versatile chain designs. Composed of uniform round or oval links, this chain is a staple in jewelry making. Its simplicity and understated elegance make it suitable for various types of pendants and charms. The link chain is a favorite among those who appreciate a clean and timeless look. Mantarraya NYC's Link Chain Collection epitomizes this enduring elegance.

Rolo Chain: Bold and Versatile

The rolo chain is a popular variation of the cable chain, with round links that are rounded on the outside and flat on the inside. This design gives the chain a bold and robust appearance, making it an excellent choice for statement pieces. The rolo chain can stand on its own as a necklace or bracelet or serve as the foundation for attaching charms and pendants.

Rope Chain: Intricately Textured

The rope chain is a stunning example of craftsmanship and intricacy. Composed of twisting oval or round links, this chain design resembles a rope, hence its name. The intricate texture of the rope chain adds depth and dimension to jewelry pieces, giving them a regal appearance. This chain type is often chosen for statement necklaces and bracelets, embodying a timeless elegance that captivates attention.

Snake Chain: Fluid and Luxurious

The snake chain is characterized by its closely woven links that form a smooth, round, and flexible structure, reminiscent of a snake's skin. This fluidity adds a luxurious touch to jewelry pieces, making them move gracefully on the body. The snake chain is often used for intricate necklaces and bracelets, offering a touch of opulence.


Chains are more than mere connectors; they are an essential aspect of jewelry design that can shape the overall style and impact of a piece. From the classic elegance of the link chain to the bold statement of the rolo chain, each type of chain brings its unique character to jewelry creations. As you explore the world of chains, remember that your choice not only enhances your jewelry but also expresses your personal style and grace.


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